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The myth of credit from Switzerland as advertised in the 70s does not exist anymore. At that time housewives could receive the credit without proof of credit. At the time, this form of credit was part of television advertising. At that time the money was still brought with the postman, everything without Schufa and proof of credit. These are bygone times, today the cash credit from Switzerland presents itself differently.


The history of the “Swiss Credit” and the present

The history of the "Swiss Credit" and the present

If you are looking for a cash loan from Switzerland today, you have to tune in to other requirements. The so-called housewife loans from abroad have not existed for 40 years. What remains is the nostalgia of the housewife credit without Schufa and without proof of creditworthiness with cash payment by the postman. Even today you can find the advertising of these loans, but more on the Internet or in the print media. The money is no longer from Switzerland but from Liechtenstein. Since 2010, Sigma Kreditbank AG has taken over this business loan to Germans completely taken over by the Swiss Confederates.

All former credit providers from Switzerland adopted on the basis of a judgment of the Federal Administrative Court. The aftermath of this ruling was so grave with the cash loan from Switzerland that the aforementioned bank positioned itself with legal access to foreign credit for Germans. Until the beginning of 2015, the cash loan from Switzerland could actually be applied for as a cash loan from abroad. The loan amount was paid in cash. The payment of the loan amount was made on the basis of a personal check, which each borrower exchanges by hand in cash at a post office.


But this offer has been discontinued. The main reason for this was the long waiting time for the check receipt, which increasingly led to complaints from borrowers. Also, it came to irregularities, which meant that the cash advance from Switzerland is now paid only ineligible.

The terms of a loan from abroad

The terms of a loan from abroad

If the loan seeker has a bad credit rating with negative entries in the Schufa, then a loan from Liechtenstein could be helpful. However, the bank makes specifications to the customer. Thus, the income must be sufficiently high and have a attachable portion of at least 100 euros. A permanent job is mandatory, which may not be limited in time and may not include a probationary period. In addition, the employment must exist for at least one year. The customer must be of legal age and have German citizenship and reside in Germany. The Schufa plays no role in the cash advance from Switzerland, the credit does not appear in the Schufa.

Only those who fulfill these requirements have predestined for the loan. You can apply for the foreign credit on the homepage of the bank or via credit intermediaries. Most customers choose a credit agency because they know the exact ways to get a loan. However, there is the choice of the credit intermediary to make sure that it works seriously. If advance or advance payment is required in advance, this is not a sign of respectability. Also, the signing of insurance contracts does not belong to a reputable credit intermediary.

Many customers looking for a cash loan from Switzerland have a bad Schufa and have already been rejected by a German bank. For German banks, an unencumbered Schufa plays a crucial role in lending. The Schufa signals to the bank that it has already come to payment difficulties, which makes normal lending no longer possible. In Liechtenstein, for example, there is no Schufa as it is known here. But the foreign banks also check the public debtor directory. If there are serious features such as seizures, divorce or foreclosures, a cash loan from Switzerland will not materialize.

Anyone who is unemployed will not receive this loan, since state benefits are based on the unemployment benefit and they are not attachable. Even with self-employed people no credit is granted, here it is the unstable income. Since the loans are secured by income, this must not be pledged. The customer must sign a corresponding certificate, because in case of default the bank will seize.

The loan amounts are limited, ie only three credit sums are provided, once € 3,500, € 5,000 and € 7,500, with the latter having a four-year employment contract. The interest rate depends on the credit rating and is about 11-12% higher. The terms are 40 months.

The customer should know that since the withdrawal of the cash payment from the cash credit from Switzerland, there is only one disbursement to the German checking account. Only a commercial lender can be granted a cash loan if it is a mortgage loan. The value of the pledged property is then paid in cash.

The alternatives

The alternatives

However, there is also the cash advance without Schufa as a quick loan despite Schufa.Linancial institutions from the domestic provide super fast loans, which can access the loans immediately. There is talk of mini credit as in, for example, Vexcash offer. Approved for the first applicant from 50 euros to 500 euros a loan. The duration is between 14 and 30 days. A provider presents the cash advance on the current account, whereby the customer can apply for video credits between 100 and 500 euros credit with 30 days. Credit checks and disbursements take only 24 hours, even for first-time applicants.

A cash advance, the customer also receives on his Dispo. Often a call is sufficient and the dispatching is provided by the bank. For this, the customer must have an account with the bank.


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