Credit Despite Debt and Schufa – Debt Consolidation



Anyone who has debts and is looking for a loan does not have a good starting position. If there are still negative entries in the Schufa, the loan appears to be a long way off despite debt and Schufa. In general, a consumer can get as many loans as they want, if he can repay them. If the job description of a consumer shows excellent, one thinks here of the official status, then the bank will refuse no credit. Certainly it is not uncommon to have several loans. Consider here the real estate loan and a car loan.

Loans that almost everyone has and are actually self-evident. But it has already developed debt, which results in a new loan a loan despite debt and Schufa. The bank will not say no in such a situation, if everything is right. In the past there were payment difficulties, the chances of a loan despite debt and Schufa are rather bad.


The credit despite debt and Schufa – The prospects

The credit despite debt and Schufa - The prospects

With a new loan, the customer again charged his credit budget. Before a loan is applied for, the budget or the income / expenditure plan should always be available to show whether a loan can still be paid. If a financial margin remains, then the rates could remain affordable with a long running time.

But if the credit installments are already causing problems for him, an installment payment will be postponed, then a rescheduling would be advisable. When the bank looks at the client’s credit situation, she will see that it is difficult for the customer to pay for existing loans. Before she does not see her lent money, she often agrees to a debt restructuring as a loan despite debts and Schufa.

If a customer has a bad Schufa, lending will always be limited. But there are German banks that agree with a so-called soft feature in the Schufa, such as a forgotten bill, but still a loan. It is also advantageous if the entry has been made some time ago and there are no further payment problems noted in the meantime, it also throws a positive credit on the customer.

While the branch bank or even the house bank rather agrees to a rescheduling, direct banks reject this loan despite their debts and schufa. The reason is the automated testing of these banks, where the creditworthiness of the customer must be flawless. If there is a negative Schufa the customer falls out of the grid of the banks. If a customer can name a loan guarantee for a loan despite debt and Schufa, the credit opportunities increase.

If a guarantor is named, he must continue to pay the loan in the event of a loan default on the part of the borrower. The guarantor thus takes a great risk, not infrequently a guarantee resulted in the financial ruin of the guarantor. The guarantor must be comprehensively informed. Most banks require the bankruptcy guarantee, which gives the guarantor absolutely no leeway, he is immediately taken into recourse when the borrower can not pay more. The bank does not have to carry out a complicated dunning procedure.

The guarantor must be solvent, ie his income must be high enough and his schufa must be clean. Even a permanent job is required. In addition, there should be a relationship of trust between the debtor and the guarantor, because a guarantee is a sensitive issue.

Is foreign credit a solution?

Is foreign credit a solution?

Anyone looking for a loan despite debt and Schufa, is confronted with a large-scale advertising. The customer will be made any loan sums and special offers. However, the customer can not give anything on that, he will see that in a loan request. For this type of loan, a loan brokerage is usually commissioned. This professional group knows about the banks which even with a not so impeccable credit rating still grant a loan. Mostly Swiss loans are provided without Schufa being offered to the customer.

The peculiarity of this form of credit is that the Schufa is not queried, the credit is not registered. The customer is provided with an anonymous loan. Neither the house bank nor the employer will be told about this loan. However, these loans are not cheap. Interest rates are around 11-12% and bad credit even higher. But looking at the financial situation of the customer, these loans are often the last lifeline.

If the situation is very tense, then no credit and no debt restructuring should be considered, but here is the way to the debt counseling. There is absolutely nothing here to tear open a hole to stuff another with it. If you do not get a loan from a conventional bank, you should not rely on adventurous statements and forget the credit. Here the debt counseling could help to find the dilemma.

The loan despite debt and Schufa – the conditions

The loan despite debt and Schufa - the conditions

If it has to be cash, the Swiss loan can be applied for. A loan application can be made via a credit intermediary. By post, the credit documents and the certificate of post-office procedure are sent to the bank. Proof of creditworthiness requires salary statements from the last three months and bank statements from the same period. In addition, a copy of the employment contract is required.

The customer must have a sufficiently high income that is above the attachment exemption limit. The permanent employment may not be limited. He must be of legal age and resident in Germany. The loan amounts are restricted. In most cases, 3,500 euros will be granted. With really good credit rating, there are 5,000 euros and with excellent credit rating 7,500 euros. The terms and rates are standardized.

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